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Urameshi Yuusuke
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Urameshi Yuusuke [userpic]

Your Live Journal Movie! by orin_lockheart
Movie TitleFerenheit 9-11 part 2...More Pissing, Bitching, and Whineing
Your Costartoberu_kage
The Directortsumetaiheki
You did a graphic sex scene withjicchoku
The Villanshuichiminamino
Your love intrest in the movietoberu_kage
Movie typeSci-fi
How many weeks at #112
How much will it gross?34,861,184
Award you will winBest Gay Sex Scene
Quiz created with MemeGen!

....Not one fucking word, Kuwabara.

One Fucking Word

Hahaha Urameshi. Maybe if you weren't an ass about my results that wouldn't have happened.

Best gay sex scene. Hahahahaha beats mine being a porn movie.

Re: One Fucking Word

HAHAHA, yours was still first moron.
For your information, your's was Best Actor/Actress, and remember that Bexst Gay Sex scene was us, Hahahahahah.

Re: One Fucking Word

So what?
I meant yours havin' the Best Gay Sex Scene was better'n mine bein' a Porno. Mine must have been nothin' but gay sex scenes, yet yours had a better one that mine.
Bexst? Hahahaha
I'm aware that it was us, but it's still funny.

Re: One Fucking Word

They're both pron, just lesser forms of it, at leaqst mine was hotter.
And why'm I arguein' over this with you?
Hey, shut up. Damn text gets blurry this late.
Funny=Haha, Funny=Sub...Subconcious shit, Hahahah.

Re: One Fucking Word

No, yours was Sci-Fi. Everythin' has a sex scene, or close to one in it anymore so by that logic everythin' would be a porno.
Haha you're proud that your sex scene with me was hotter than my sex scene with you?
Hahaha speakin' of sub.. You were. No way in hell I was.

Re: One Fucking Word

...Whatever, sex is sex.
Uhh, yeah.
Haha, that means sub or not, I was hotter, so I win anyway. And I *was* talkin' about subconcious stuff, not 'sub, moron. And you couldn't be sub, it'd be too fucking weird.

....Why the fuck'd you put that in my head, you bastard?

Re: One Fucking Word

I know what you meant. Only because you're the small, little girly one.
Hahahaha pay back for callin' me 'Kuwa-chan', bastard.

Re: One Fucking Word

Fuck you, Kuwabara! I'm not small and I'm not girly. That's too much, I can't stop thinking about it, you bastard!

Re: One Fucking Word

You are to! You're short and thin even with muscles and you just look like a girl! You're in denial if you can't see it.
It is not too much. And if it is, think of it as early pay back in case I get in trouble for you comin' over.

Re: One Fucking Word

I...I...That means you looked, bastard! How else'd you *notice*?
Nothing'd be that bad, you...Bastard...

Re: One Fucking Word

I didn't have to look hard! It's so obvious anyone with eyes while you prance about shirtless could see!
If you lived with Onee-san then you'd know it could be that bad and worse, so shut up.

Re: One Fucking Word

Haha! So you looked anyway!
And I don't prance. Shirtless? I have a reason, the few times I *was* and you're the one always runnin' around in those fucking 'muscle shirts'.
Live with my ma, it gets worse than studying.

Re: One Fucking Word

Yea so? What the hell are you ten in a boy's locker room?
You still run around shirtless when you happen to be. So what if I wear muscles shirts? Are your girlish muscles jealous that I have real manly ones that happen to hate being constrained under sleeves?
Studying is not even close to some of the things Shizuru has done before. I'd gladly switch with you.

Re: One Fucking Word

So you look at my in the locker room too???
...Maybe *sometimes* when it's hot out!.......What the fuck, if my muscles are girlish, they'll still kick your 'manly' ones ass!
Fone! Switch, live in a run down little fuckin' apartment that's too could or too hot. At least you getta live at home still.

Re: One Fucking Word

fine** Shut up, it's late.

Re: One Fucking Word

No! I was comparing how you were acting.
They would not! My muscles would beat your puny ones any day!
Well if it sucks that damn much then come to my house. I have heat and AC. You know how to sneak in if Onee-san doesn't want you over.

Re: One Fucking Word

Yeah, that's why I've beaten you to the ground every time we've fought?
...I don't wanna come over. Your living crap's *sooooooo* much worse than mine after all. I'll just have't wake up everyday at six, work all day in Keiko's folks shop, then work almost all night at the ramen place just to go home to my stupid lonely futon!...I'm not whining either, so don't day it.

Re: One Fucking Word

Shut up, Urameshi!
Fine, see if I ever offer again, jackass.
You are whining, since you'd rather roast or freeze than accept my offer.

Re: One Fucking Word

It was just a quiz...

Re: One Fucking Word

Ha, you think that'll stop me? Maybe I'll come over just to get you in trouble, Ne?

Re: One Fucking Word

Fuck you, Urameshi. You better not. I have enough problems with Onee-san, I don't need you causin' more.

Love interst: Hiei?


Shut up, Kurama, this thing's broken or somethin'. I'd want someone more...Uhh, passionate than Hiei anyway.

Is it normal for human males to desire other human males?

Uhh...Not really all that uncommon. What, you never seen a gay youkai?

I have. Especially if you are one.

And what's that supposed t'mean?

It means exactly what it states.

If anyone's gay around here, it's you. And for you know who.

I do not desire either men or women.

Tch, yeah, you and Kurama never get horny or *anything* I don't believe that, really.

Fighting is the only thing that arouses me.

What th- Yeah, I didn't need to know that. At all. So you...You're what, attracted to blood?

Yes. But why do you care? This is the stupidest thing I have ever spoken about.

Not that I care, I just don't believe you only get a hard on for blood and Kurama never gets turned on by anything at all...Not that I care, I just doubt it, y'know?

My "hard-ons" are none of your goddamn business.

You brought it up in th' first place, Hiei. Tryin' to avoid the question?

I did not bring them up at all. This is your silly topic.


Nothing, nothing. Just a stupid...Quiz thing, don't...Pay any attention, Hahaha...

Yes. Stupid, indeed.