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Urameshi Yuusuke
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July 2006
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Urameshi Yuusuke [userpic]

Working sucks. It's hot, wears me out and doesn't even pay that much.

Tch, guess I do have it easy, at least it's not school. but then again, there'd be something to do, people I know.
...Hehe, guess this is the price of being an adult. Oh God, I want some excitement.
Not that living a nice, peaceful life is bad. Hell, at least I don't gotta worry about my life everyday now. But...I guess I still miss workin' for the Rekai.
How sad is that?

Work? You?

You workin' is still so odd. Can't you try to get a diff'rent job?

Not all that many people at school you could talk to anyway I bet. You do have somethin' to do at work, ya'know.
Bein' an adult doesn't mean bein' bored.

I miss it too. Peacefulness is too dull in comparison to how our lives have been.

Re: Work? You?

Nah, I'm good at what I do. Uh, yeah and...'Guess besides you guys and Keiko, I really don't.
...Kuwabara, I actually have to watch water boil, y'know?

We all tend to share the nostalgia.

Glad to hear from you again, Yuusuke.

Glad to here that, Kurama.
Hey, when'd you have some free time? We should try and get Hiei here and all go out or something.

We will, eventually.